It would be a shame not to take care of his “checo”



“Checo” : contraction of the words “chérie” (darling) and “coco” (coconut)

The poster gave me an idea: What if I had to live with local products exclusively …

So I went shopping at the famous shopping center





There are two kinds of those stores in Cotonou






Not an issue



Sparkling drink as well




Fruit juices, not real ones…




And original ones



Really original








There is even alcohol at 45 °



The famous Sodabi “When you drink it, your head is like a drum”

What do we eat with the appetizer? Sweet potato chips …





More eccentric




Quite classic




A bit less classic…




Downright unseen before…



Peak milk is simply unsweetened condensed milk!




Or quite simply spicy peanuts, in galette




Or in sticks …




Well, we go to the table? Not to mention countless local fruits and vegetables that we know: tomatoes, cabbages, pineapple, potatoes …




A little bit more original




More rare in our countries…




That too



Unfortunately, there was no more gari (cassava flour) than it does not matter, let’s make black paste!




Or red paste




Unless you prefer the yellow paste




Or peas of angola …




Let’s move on to meat …




A cheese, that produced by priests, is not a sin …




A little dessert? All of this is locally made




With peculiarities … yogurt with millet




Or made out of couscous




With your yogurt, a little sugar?




And on your bread, spreads?




Fortunately, there are sweets … sesame nougatines




Or the same but with moringa sesame




Moringa, what is it? A leaf of long life!




With which we do a lot of things!




There is also African basil




And for you, Madam, there is plenty of choice. Some products come from Morocco, others from Ivory Coast …




There is something for everyone, shea butter



Argan oil, avocado …




Declined with all the sauces, if I dare say!




Even soap with baobab oil!




Let’s go quickly to the clothing department, multicolored …




This story would not have been possible without the permission of “Mr. Sylvester” to whom Ezekiel (who accompanied me) asked for permission.




No Ezekiel, I did not take the Super U badge on your T-shirt, do not be afraid. And Jocelyne joined us.


Thanks to you three. Really !


I do not know about you, but I ate well !!



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