I said I would return once my card repaired. It works … the african way

It was not without difficulty

Sunday evening: Boat late

Monday evening: Boat gone

But I saw a RO RO (The video is at the end of the story)

Tuesday night: Boat in the harbor, will arrive around midnight

And tonight I’m waiting, at the entrance of the port, that Arnaud calls me





Bingo! I enter the terminal




Escorted by a guardian angel who provides me with helmet and vest




Everyone works hard




We discharge




Well, here I am at the foot of the machine. 1200 tons! It can work with a wind that blows up to 72 kilometers an hour!




Arrived at the top, I meet Linda. Decidedly, I only fall on female crane drivers !
Who reassures me on the glass floor of his cabin “It can support 600 tons” Of the glass anyway!




Some pictures but the videos are much more apparent



Here is the ship that is unloaded. 67 tons of maximum load under spreader!) The spreader (yellow) is the thing (12.4 tons anyway) that is used to take containers. And the rudder weighs 4.3 tons!

Here is what remains to unload …





Linda wanted me to take her seat, just to make a photo




With the authorization of the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit, I maneuvered the spreader (I lowered it three meters and reassembled all, that’s all!)




Here are the panels of the hold of the ship that are docked, the time to empty what is inside.




Before boarding, I asked my companion to go down the stairs




As a wimp, I finally went back to the elevator (coward !)




In short, an amazing evening!



RO RO of Monday




I go !




45 meters high!




The glass floor




The rise of the container




Viewed from below




The port exit




The harbor road




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