When we see Cotonou this statue, we say that it commemorates at least a genocide!




Kerekou took power in 1972 in a coup d’etat. And it leads in a first time a pure Marxist-Leninist policy.

The neighboring African states are worried, Gabon, Ivory Coast … even Morocco because Kérékou supports the Polisario front in Western Sahara.

Jacques Foccart, the “Mr. Africa” of Gaullism, charges his “spiritual son” Bob Denard, the famous mercenary, to overthrow Kerekou.

King Hassan II provides money, Gabon serves as a relay for the operation … and on January 16, 1977, Denard and his mercenaries land in Cotonou.

The operation badly prepared, fails. Notably thanks to the unexpected presence of North Korean troops, the riposte of the presidential guard and the non-rallying of the regular Beninese army.





17 dead among Beninese and two for mercenaries.

During his flight, Denard leaves the box containing all the compromising documents … which explains why all the above is of public notoriety.





For my part, under the monument, I took advantage of the place




What is left in the memories?





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