I am invited to lunch by a charming lady!

We end up with a delicious (but really!) Sorbet with bissap (it is the flower of the hibiscus)





CMA-CGM obtained a visit authorization duly printed in my name





Visit of the ship “Quartz”




Launched in 2008, it is 289 meters long and looks great




It is a container that can carry about 5,000 equivalents of 20 feet.

And go for the visit by taking the scale of cut!





We travel the boat. Direction Officers’ Square




Tank capacity




We still arrive at 11,000 tons of fuel and nearly 400,000 liters of water!

Welcomed by Alvin, Filipino, second officer of the Quartz (the Commander is sleeping)





Joined by the 1st officer Nader, an Egyptian, who has just completed a repair but still wants to greet us




Head to the bow as you walk through the passageways




I am amazed at the cleanliness, it’s nickel! The moorings of the bow, impressive!




As for the anchor …




Close-up on a link




Meanwhile, 558 containers to unload. The Quartz arrives from Singapore …





And 150 more to load for Abidjan …





You noticed the barbed wire on the picture? We will speak again…

The view from here is superb





We travel the ship, the containers are stowed




Here is the scale that serves the port pilot





Can you imagine going down, or going up, on a moving boat?

Most of the containers are in the holds …




Some, freshly shipped, are waiting for lashing




And on the platform, they always activate




During this time the 1st officer and Wilfried (CMA CGM) check the loading slips




Lift for the wheelhouse




The wheelhouse




Views on the Wheelhouse Quartz




And harbor views




Stern visit




The image above is interesting for three aspects:

First the pavilion. The Quartz flies Liberian flag. I find my friends !!!

The person you see in orange is a model. To deceive, by far, the possible pirates

And finally the famous barbed wire that surrounds the ship. Always against pirates. But no weapons on board, I was

assured …

Down to the machines. The crew consists of 24 men, 12 Filipinos, 8 Egyptians and 4 Burmese. 7 months at sea and 3 to 4

months on land. Not paid. On each floor, the sign to locate. You are on the red floor.



The engine room seen from above




Down to the bottom




The engine, at least the “emerged” part




Because the “immersed” part is even more impressive …




Look at the transmission shaft …




And the air conditioning of the ship




For those interested, here is the power of the engine




I have seen so much that I do not remember what it is, sorry!




The machine control station



With Mohammed, the chief mechanic




We start to go up, I am impressed by the cleanliness (and by the temperature, it must do not far from 50 °)




The visit ends. Nader, who has changed his clothes, comes to say goodbye




And I go down the ladder




And I tell myself that it was an exceptional moment …

It was not counting on this gentleman …



… that we had warned protocolarily of our arrival on the Bolloré terminal

“Have you seen the portico? “




“It must be amazing to be up there! (There are days when I should shut up!)

“Well, I’ll get you driving! Arnaud, another, takes me to the elevator





As the elevator goes up, the stress rises too …




And I find myself 45 meters off the ground. With a security barrier that only secures me very moderately!




As a portiquier, a charming female crane portico driver Chimène






The view from here is breathtaking

But the cockpit floor is plexiglass …

Thank you Arnaud for having accompanied me, I did not see myself going there alone.

This is the first time since I left that I was apprehensive …




And I took a video.

A spectacular video

A unique video.

Following a false manipulation on my part, I “spoiled” the micro SD and the video has disappeared.


I go back on the portico tomorrow to remake another, no but!


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  • A very informationrmative post and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking about this issue, cheers all. Dorene Silvanus Demetri


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