Departure early in the morning after a cold shower (when I say “cold”, I exaggerate … Finally without hot water.


Border crossing: 48 minutes to Ghana. Without problems but ineffective and want to carve a bib with me.

38 minutes in Burkina. Nice also except the binocular of Customs who wanted to fill the CPD in his own way and not according to the procedure (I still paid a deposit of 30 000 € so I watch it like milk on the fire.) From time to time a customs officer asks me and tells me “I’m coming back” I run after him and tell him that I will not leave the CPD eyes “What do you want to do it?” You I do not know, I know this it would cost me)


As soon as the border crossed



I come out the pens !!

The road is pleasant through the savannah.


Traditional habitats


And without electricity …


Some wise sentences …



In contrast, the signage is reminiscent of “Ya good Banania” you do not find?



And it’s the arrival in Ouagadougou. I admit to being happy



For those who would have escaped, the panel speaks of Cimaf, cements from Africa and on the car this sentence “And if we created new cements”

Good, more closely …



I rush to the French Embassy

  • “It is 12:40, they left to eat. They come back at 2.30 pm “

I tell myself that there are no reasons that they eat and I do not and I make a maquis. At this time there is nothing but fat rice. Go for the fatty rice.



All cooked by Yameou whose warm laugh is communicative



I pay myself the luxury of a pocket of water




You laugh but the meal still cost me a little less than € 0.70.

It only makes (a bit) compensate for my crazy night in Abidjan! Not to mention the liver pate Casino … I watch traffic flow away from acacia trees. Not unpleasant




And some funny vehicles. I had never seen so high



Back to the French Embassy

  • “You know they do not come back until 3 pm”

I look around the embassy and I see that they enhance the walls



And they go there with good heart! In white, they are Italian masons !!


At 3 pm sharp, I am in front of the Consulate

The black receptionist who fully understood my request explains to his interlocutor (white and French) that I want to be received by someone from the embassy. This is also what is written on the website of France Diplomatie.

After 4 minutes (I timed) the receptionist, sorry, informs me that the lady (1st office entering the Consulate opposite .. And I’m nice not to give her name) does not want to receive me .

Inwardly, I am green with rage.

I warn the receptionist, who did what he could, that I go back to my car and that I will block the horn in front of the embassy until I receive.

A gentleman arrives (I promised not to give his name)

  • Mr. Jouy? (I gave my card) Please enter


I summarize what he told me, off. What follows is my interpretation and is my sole responsibility.

“The situation is getting worse from week to week. Yesterday 23 Burkina Faso jihadists were killed in the region you want to cross to go to Togo. At least that’s the official version. Not to mention what we do not say. Burkina Faso is becoming like Mali. Return to Ghana. And you will join Togo. That’s been x time (it gives me the number of years that I’m here, I see things get worse month after month ”

He lends me a computer and suggests me to register on Ariane for my next trips. It tells me a guest house not too expensive for the night.

Thank you Mr. Machin, you reconciled me with the officials (not all) of a French Embassy. You will leave soon elsewhere. Good luck to you.

The extension of the runway of the airport is guarded by an army pickup equipped with an anti-air battery.

In town, the army patrols, Kalashnikov in hand and finger on the trigger. Yet everything looks calm

You will tell me, I know people who, in 1939, sang “we will hang our line on the line Siegfried! ”

I go out and ask my way to a TV reporter … Malian!


  • Why do not you go to Mali?
  • Security, of course!
  • You do not fear more than in Paris
  • That’s why I avoid going to Paris
  • However, in Paris, you attract less attention (and it shows me the color of my skin). Sparkle of general laughter


But inscriptions make me scream with laughter. For those who do not know the verb, the drawing on the right is more explicit!




I’m looking for the AD Blue, you know, the stuff he puts in the new engines even if if you do not put the car it works more!

I’m going to an authorized reseller. AD Blue, do not know. Not in Africa. Assika is formal.



Miracle of Africa, we begin to converse. He offers me a bottle of water. I tell him about my trip. He reserves me the hotel and asks a boy to go on a moped show me the way.

He tells me about the spare parts he will buy in Belgium. “France is too expensive. It’s good for shopping. Ah Galeries Lafayette! ”

I invite him to have a drink. He tells me he does not have time.

I tell him he becomes as c … as the whites. Sparkle of general laughter


John the Baptist joins us.



We are talking about the situation in their country. Instructive.

I finish the day at Tess, address indicated by this famous gentleman of the embassy.

Let’s admit that there is worse!



What is fabulous about this trip is that I go from one extreme to the other, from the sumptuous meal to the infamous drums, from the 5-star room to the filthy slum …

I welcome this with immense pleasure. It helps me to relativize.

And when I think that people in France are complaining for nothing …

By the way, in all the countries crossed, as soon as you know that I am French, three subjects come back. In order :

The yellow vests (including in English-speaking countries) In Ghana, when the customs officer saw my passport, he said to me laughing “Here, a yellow vest! In Guinea, you’re French, so you’re wearing a yellow vest. By the way about vest you know you have to have two? Where are they ? (4 pens)
Paris Saint Germain. With Naymar and Mbappé. (All these countries are watching football matches, on Being sport)
Macron. With varied comments. I said to a Liberian customs officer, “I do not criticize George Weah, so you do not say anything about Macron. ”

Another point: Now every time I explain that I come from France by car, I raise, in the mess

The astonishment “is it true? ”
Sympathy “Congratulations for what you do! ”
Disbelief “I do not believe it, it’s not true”
Misunderstanding “Why are you doing this, why do not you retire quietly to your house? ”
The desire “say, you take me? it must be expensive? You must have a lot of money to do that! ”

I finish the evening by questioning Eric


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