Cotonou airport. Broken suitcase handle.

Purchased € 8 in Nouakchott.

I got it for 8 €.

So, I have it wrapped. 100% packed the suitcase!





It’s normal, the student doing this is 100% …




The rainy season begins …

Flight without history or stories (video at the end of the story)





When landing I am asked for my boarding pass. That I have in my pocket. Unpublished dialogue.

  • Your boarding pass
  • This is the first time I am asked for my boarding pass
  • As the plane leaves for Nairobi, I want to know if you are well in Douala.
  • No need for my card. I’m fine in Douala.
  • I need your boarding pass.
  • As I land I do not have it anymore
  • Okay then your luggage ticket


In short I get out anyway, but must confess … I keep this card piously …


At the exit of the airport, Ekolé asks me the luggage ticket to check if I take my suitcase well. Normal.





Reassured he launches me “Welcome to Cameroon.

May the braised fish be with you! ”

I admit that this one, it had never been done to me!

I imagine a customs officer in Roissy launch “Welcome to France; May the quiche Lorraine be with you! ”

But after all …

Expected at the airport by a relationship of Xavier, I am taken to Ramy, a French interior designer, friend of Xavier, who offered to host me …



You have seen the desk, a work of art!



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