I owe this day to Francis



And Nicolas




Then Aurèle joined us




As Aurèle and Francis are married




Nicolas knows Ganvier very well. We arrive on the landing stage




And there, problem. The price announced to Nicolas can not be held “There is a yovo with you”. Yovo is me and it means “white” in Fon.

What do you want, everyone does not have the chance to be mewi (it means “black” in Fon)

Francis wanted to buy a piece of land. Price 4 million. “It looks okay, I’m coming back with my wife” As soon as the salesman saw Aurèle “You got a wife she’s yovo, it’s 6 million land, she has money” Nothing did, neither the denials of Francis nor those of Aurèle. And he paid 6 million. If that’s not racism !!!

30 minutes of talking I’m asked to stay away

I take the opportunity to admire the fish market





And the coloured landscape…







Lake Nokoué (218 square kilometers) is very full of fish






We finally leave, no one wanted me to pay anything. Not easy !





We meet the gas station that sells Kpayo gasoline (adulterated fuel that comes from Nigeria) If you want to shoot your engine, you ride with it !!




The boats are exotic




Locals plant vegetation to attract fish (which attract birds)




In a very tight way. When the fish get bigger, they can not go out, the nets are tight and the miraculous catch can begin …





Appears the village








There is even a hotel!




At Raphael’s. This is Raphaël, 75 years old





Next to the hotel a souvenir shop




After a stop, we take the road, sorry, the boat …



These are kids who drive




And when an obstacle arises



Maybe two




Here, the occupants of the 1st boat are Sunday, they will do Ago (party, drink, sing, dance, drink, drink …)






This has just been built




Or it’s being …




We meet freight transport …




Here, another hotel. Obviously the owner does not know Italy




And the Voodoo? Patience, here is the god of the night




But there is also a church (phew, morality is safe!)




Everyone goes about their business, do their shopping …




Go and get water




Selling fruits…




What’s that house ?




Seems to be stooping




Ah, it’s the house of La Francophonie!




And after, we will say that I invent!

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