This morning, in the newspaper



I am going to the Ghana Embassy.

“For us the situation is calm. If your embassy can make us a paper that it does not formally advise you to take the road to Togo, I give you a visa immediately ”
French Embassy

“Very sincerely, your situation does not require an emergency procedure. Have your Burkinabé visa extended and you will be asked for a normal visa to return to Ghana. ”
Strictly sensu, they are not wrong.

The only problem is that the boat will not wait for me in Cotonou.

It’s funny, there is a plethora of taxis in Abidjan, mostly driven by Burkinabe … and in some neighborhoods of Ouagadougou I find it hard to find !!

Finally I take a collective taxi, with Arouna and Youssouf, the older one, as passengers.



The dialogue is often exotic:

How many kilometers does your car have?
Yes that’s it.
It’s not far.
No, your car, kilometers? How many ?
(he laughs and detaches the syllables)) She can make the hundred-eighty-kilometer pattern!

I’m giving up


Where are we going, is it far or not far?
It is far and it is not far.
(Well, let’s try something else) How long?
How long will it take?
The weather ?
(I show him my watch) How much?
(He thinks intensely) So there really I can not say.
Do not be mistaken. At no time do I make fun of them.

I never forget that French is not their mother tongue.

Simply, I relate.

Hello my friend, can you take me to Boulevard Charles de Gaulle?
Charles de Gaulle?
Yes, the Boulevard Charles de Gaulle. You know ?
I know a bit.
Do you know or do not you know?
I know a little but I do not know much.
Well, here we go, I show you the road.
More incredible but truthful

Embassy of Ghana, you know?
Of course boss
That boss we arrived
But, we are in front of the embassy of Ivory Coast !!
(With a disarming smile) Yes but it’s not far!
It’s not far from what?
Countries are touching!
I scream with laughter!

I had invited Issaka, met yesterday, to have a drink. It came. Exciting conversations about everything.




Le rôle de la communauté, le poids social




the role of religion, work, the place of women:


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