Who’s the crazy one doing this ?

My name is Alain, born in 1952, single.

I’ve always loved traveling abroad.

To this day, I traveled accross 87 countries.

Why a world trip ?

The locution “world trip” has always inspired my dreams.

So, after 47 working years, I’ve decided to live my dreams. That’s it.

I start with Africa because I’m in love with it since 1979, when I firstly met these populations with such a high human richness. So many lessons to learn.

I will travel alone. Some friends may join me along the trip (Congo, Ivory Coast, Oman, Vietnam, Thailand…) to walk part of the wawy together.

Why not you ? (I only have one spare place available in my car).

Want to get in touch with me ? Not a problem, the “Something to tell me ?” button is available for you.

See you later !