The African !

Main characteristic: Passionate about the slopes, the sand, the desert …

Lorenzo owns his own 4 × 4, a KZJ Toyota laid out raid. That is to say !

He has no equal to climb the dunes, down (sometimes a little brutally!)

We share this love of Africans, open spaces, mint tea served at the bivouac.

When you share that, you can only be a friend!


Proletarians of all countries, I forgot the rest …

Main characteristic: The good Samaritan!

It’s been more than 60 years that I know Alain (with a parenthesis of half a century anyway!)

Alain is a permanent revolt. Against the injustices of all kinds. Against human stupidity, against malice, against dogmas. And he knows what he’s talking about.

On the other hand, if you have a problem, you phone him …

He relentlessly helped and advised me on this trip. At any time of the day or night. Alain also, from my point of view, part of the beautiful people!

I have love for him. It’s for me more than a brother.


The turbo made woman!

Main characteristic: Efficiency!

10,000 ideas an hour. Encyclopedic knowledge. An incredible experience. And unparalleled reactivity.

Maryse, I have a problem. .. What are you doing ?

Well, I’m calling someone to help you solve it.

You’ve understood everything ?

In addition you take me for a bitch!

N.B. She had understood everything …


The discreet charm of knowledge …

Main characteristic: Seriousness

It’s been almost 20 years since I knew Christophe.

He and his uncle approached me one day in the archives of Mantes la Jolie, saying “we are cousins”

And they were right the buggers!

Because Christophe is, in particular, a passionate and erudite genealogist. He is unmatched in deciphering a 16th century act that seems to be Hebrew for people like you and me.

You add a big dose of kindness, a spoonful of patience, a nice ladle of tolerance and a deep kindness and you will have a glimpse of the one who has kindly translated my site in German. Yes, I forgot to tell you that Christophe is also perfectly bilingual …


In the family of madmen, I ask the king

 « Vincent »

Good pick !

He does not like to take a picture, so you will be entitled to only the most fleshy part!

I knew Vincent very recently but it was love at first sight!

He is passionate about mechanics, travels, 4 × 4 …

Whole, cash, with sensitivity to the skin.

Go to Montaigu (France), Vincent alone is worth the trip.

Sabrina & Léo

The first ones !!

Main characteristic: A big heart like that!

In the evening we talked about everything, nothing, until I mentioned my project with them; their enthusiasm was immediate.

Their adhesion was total and their moral and financial help was acquired on the spot.

You want a definition of human warmth? Answer: Sabrina and Leo!

La famille Le leuch

Harmony 5

Main feature: They did it around the world!

Of course, the harmony is not obvious in this photo, but I assure you that it really exists!

Thanks to Jeanne, Maxime, Simon, Nadège and Erwan for their advice really clever.

It’s Jeanne and Maxime who convinced me to go to India.

Simon and Erwan told me about the drone.

As for Nadège, her “tips” and health tips will help me.

The family Le leuch?

For me, an example to follow!


Alain, your blog is brilliant !

  • Your site is really clear!
  • Really well done for your website !
  •  Your page is really intuitive !

Finally, that bores !

So I decided to introduce you to the creator, the designer and the web master of my blog so as not to adorn me with the feathers of the peacock:

Here is Freddy !

Come on, I add a layer:

I find him:

  • modest
  • nice
  • Very attentive
  • Very lively
  • Positive
  • Reagent
  • Full of ideas
  • Knowing how to take initiatives

No, I do not want to marry him!

But for two years, it is to him that I will send text and video photos for him to publish.

Thank you Freddy for your involvement. For example to make the interactive map, we (especially him) worked together remotely until 3 o’clock in the morning.