Sponsors, what for ?

This is the French name of the sponsorship, quite simply
They are leaders who, through their company, have agreed to contribute to the financing of the project.

What counterpart?

They will put the name of their company on the 4 × 4, I will take pictures of different countries, I will send them and they will use them as they see fit.

So you have to wax the pumps!

Ah ah ah !! Nobody will buy my freedom to think (known air!), Especially for money … You see, in the picture below, I had tea with Saharouis on the edge of Western Sahara. I assure you that the money, they, they do not care!

How can we sponsor you?

By contacting me. If the current “passes”, things are done.

What are your current sponsors?

I present them in chronological order:

Omnumbo Hotel

Bizarre form, right? Personally it’s not my thing.

However, when you spend the night, it gives that:

And here it’s really my thing!

What are the reasons you are hooked at this hotel? ?

  • The owners are adorable
  • Their collaborators are just as
  • And their rooms … I only tell you that. It’s really a crime to sleep alone !!!

Why did you sponsor Alain’s project?

We hung with the person and the initiative is beautiful!

Nokian tires

Finns. Finns? In the country of Michelin? It’s not about the world, is it?

It started with a conversation with Vincent (see Mates):

  • Here, you prepare a 4 × 4
  • Yes he goes around the world
  • I’m interested.
  • To leave with him?
  • No, to have him test tires.
  • ?
  • At Nokian, we make tires with flanks reinforced with kevlar, you know this stuff that equips bulletproof vests


So here I am equipped with Nokian tires!



How are they ? ?

You know for now, apart from testing the curbs in Saint Hilaire de Riez, kevlar or not, I do not see the difference! we’ll see in a few days …

In any case, a big thank you to Régis Chauveau !!

Why did you sponsor Alain’s project?

We, we like crazy people!

LG Béton

1st European manufacturer of prefabricated low carbon stairs!


1st French manufacturer of prefabricated balconies

I am happy and proud to be sponsored by LG Béton !

Why did you sponsor Alain’s project?

For the entrepreneurial vision of a world tour. I am happy to support the courage, the will, the streak of madness and the self-denial of such an adventure.


A beautiful company with beautiful people, including its leader, Patrice.

A single example, the photo below shows part of the relaxation area :

we see on the left the golf practice and on the right of the picture the babyfoot.

I do not tell you about the show where access to espresso is free, nor flexibility schedules, neither of their training center, nor of …


I stop, you will believe that I love them!

Well you will be right !!

Congratulations Patrice, you hold the bar!

Why did you sponsor Alain’s project?

The motto Nalys is: “give meaning to your passion” It is very exactly what Alain is doing! “Our support for him is so natural! “


Sponsorship is really a story of Men.

Lafarge is a striking example.

Hervé and I sympathize.

It’s like that.

He is excited by my project and convinces his regional management to help me.

Again thank you from the bottom of the heart Hervé!

Why did you sponsor Alain’s project?

We build ourselves and we all enrich ourselves through the human experiences. And especially those who know how to get off our europeans roads. Alain will share with us these different horizons.