In a grandiose landscape,

We arrive in a little corner of paradise, the oasis of Tinjit!

The place is very popular Atarois summer. Water, source of Life

The price is 200 Ougeyas for tourists and 1500 for Mauritanians!

Argument of the Mauritanian owner to justify the difference: “Mauritanians are less clean than tourists and I have a lot of expense to clean up after them”

There is even a hot spring at 30 °

Water oozes from everywhere. It is filtered by the rock, which makes it drinkable.

After this stop, direction the white valley. But before, stop at Ricado, a former Italian fashion photographer, established in Mauritania for 15 years …

It offers us traditional hospitality, in addition to tea, curd goat’s milk

You wonder if I drank it, huh? I soaked my lips … and he offers us the bread

We go through impossible paths, with a car that still weighs 3 tons!

Then it’s 10 kilometers of pure happiness. We made the bet not to deflate the tires (We put 1 kilo on each tire instead of 2 at the front and 2.5 at the rear to increase the grip)



From time to time, company …


Then we find the asphalt road and its inhabitants

And it’s the arrival in Nouakchott where, normally traveling in the right lane, I almost took a billboard in the windshield!


Good news: Abdou wanted to learn to eat with cutlery.

He did very well!

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