Many of you like this blog.

Again thank you for your compliments, it touches me a lot and it helps me when I feel a little lonely …

But what you do not know is HOW it happens.

So of course I take pictures and I write stories.

Look, this morning Duval (that’s really her name) gave me my plane ticket to Douala




I arrive at the airport, closed agency.

I call him through a compliant policeman.

She arrives after half an hour. Surrealist dialogue

  • I’m coming for my plane ticket
  • You eat the bread?
  • ??????????????????? Um yes…
  • Do you eat ham?
  • ??????????????????? Um yes…
  • I have a ham sandwich (she takes it out of a plastic bag and breaks it)
  • It’s very nice but I’m not hungry. I was coming for my …
  • Do you drink tea?
  • Ah yes
  • Do you want a green tea without sugar?
  • I want it. That’s for my place in the flight …
  • Wait, do you have your passport?
  • Yes, about me
  • You have to pay in cash
  • I do not have the ticket yet. There is room ?
  • Will withdraw money and I tell you that


In short, I relate.

And I send that to Freddy.

In bulk.

Photos, videos, texts. From time to time a modified text, a picture that misses ..

And Freddy follows up. He sends my texts to Magali and Christophe for translation into English and German.

It is Freddy who chooses the snap photo of each story.

In the morning I look at what he has chosen and I often say to myself, “Here I have put something else”

I call my brother who congratulates me “Beautiful photo!” Thanks Freddy.

Today March 19th is his birthday.

So Freddy, with all my heart:

Happy birthday and thank you for what you do!

And I let him speak…



Oh thank you for the gift!

It’s not my job to write stories. Others do it better than me.

Truce of joking, then a big thank you to you, Alain, for this wink.

What to say ?

I will take this opportunity to show you behind the scenes.


Tell me how it works a blog?




I will not bother you with technical terms but simply try to explain how we are organized.

The media
Ever since 23 December 2018, Alain has been sending me his photos and videos via We Transfer. These are accompanied by the story of the day.

From one country to another the internet connection is pretty good and transfers are going well.

But a transfer can be long, very long.


So before the effort the comfort:



  • The data processing

Once received all this little stuff, it’s time to work out videos and photos.

Why ?

At their receptions, videos and photos are too big and I resize them in weight and size to not weigh down the opening of a page on internet.

  • Uploading

Then uploading, I download the story, photos and videos on the blog.

Then, layout and insertion of photos.

Well it happens that sometimes I miss pictures, videos and even stories that happen to me empty.


And there …



  • The translations

You will have noticed that Alain’s blog is translated into English and German.

That’s when Magali comes in for English translations and Christophe for German.

They send me the translations of each story and I integrate them in the blog.

It must be said that they do a great job.

So a big thank you to them.

  • Debriefing

They arrive with Alain to call us via What’s App.

To talk of the blog, on the itinerary, but also (and often) to laugh:




Alain often has anecdotes and it’s often hilarious.


Finally here it is on a few words that I give the keyboard back to the master of the place.

Once again a big thank you to you, for trusting me.

And a big thank you to everyone who follows this blog.


The supporters corner



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