Leaving so many friendly people is difficult.

With Arnaud we invite them to his home.

Jean-Luc offers me to make the appetizers. Nice and tasty!





Arnaud takes care of the drink but it’s finally Jean-Luc who makes the punch!

In his defense (so to speak), Arnaud managed a container whose bottom dropped on unloading: 20 tons of pasta in bulk in the holds of a ship!

About fifteen invitations. All responded. Either by the negative (malaria crisis, professional matters…) or by coming.




Some brought something to eat




Isabelle is the manager of a big hotel, it helps …




It helps even well!




Xavier spent his evening recommending me to his friends in Douala




Of course, Maximin (Bolloré) and Elie (CMA CGM) are present




Like Florence




The atmosphere is cheerful, simple and warm

A late tour of the table for the last …





Then comes the moment of more serious moments




And what was to happen happened …




Goodbye Benin I like.

Goodbye, not goodbye

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