The slave route


I would like to twist the neck to a few misconceptions.

It is the Europeans who invented the slave trade. FALSE!

Slavery has been practiced since, at least, the Neolithic
The Arabs, during 13 centuries, enslaved about 17 million people. You read correctly: 17 million

people with massive castrations and almost systematic infanticide …
Slavery was banned in Mauritania in … 1980!
Everyone knows, even though hardly anyone talks about it that Saudi Arabia is using Mecca to reduce
slavery of many pilgrims. Still today.
The slave trade is really the bad white guy against the poor black man. FALSE!

It was not whites who raided for slaves, but Africans themselves! Around 1750, the revenues of King Tegbessou of

Dahomey were four to five times higher than those of the richest English farmers !!
This explains the current ethnic tensions. What would you do if your ancestors had been deported because of
ancestors of those in power today?
Since the French Revolution, it no longer exists in the West. FALSE!

Napoleon I restored slavery in 1802
The last boat loaded with slaves left the bay of Benin in … 1860! It was the Clotilda, an American slave ship.

84 years after the declaration of Independence


That said, the fact remains that it is atrocious,

even placed in the historical context.


Well, how was it?

Razzias of the warriors Fon of the kingdom of Dahomey at their friends, Yorubas in particular. In particular,
Amazons. On each expedition, they promised the King to return with two heads of enemies. Otherwise, they
agreed to be beheaded!

They chained them and they made them come to Ouidah by foot of course (more than 100 kilometers)

Then they are parked in the “court of slaves” (video at the end of the story).

Transformed today into a craft center. Note that the following photo shows the kingdom’s slave kings
from Dahomey …




One loaf a day and well water, which is still there



The Dutch have built a fort since 1721 and have vassalized the Kingdom of Dahomey.




During the independence of Dahomey, they had 48 hours to clear.



So, they set the fort on fire! This one was reconstituted by the Beninese who recovered what they could




Of course, the fort had a church. It was under the pretext of evangelization that the Europeans

Dahomey. It’s called the 3 “M”

  • M as missionaries
  • M as Military
  • M as Merchants

Always the story of the sword and the bottle!
But the Dutch were joined by the English, the Danes, the French …
to the delight of the King of Dahomey who could raise the stakes …

The French also burned the fort before they left. Here is its location





Well, we gather the “goods” on this place




The auction is conducted and once the sale is made, the “goods” are branded with a hot iron.

It is so abject that I procrastinate for several days to write this story.




On the way to the beach. Chained two by two. First step, the tree of oblivion. At that time, it was believed that
men had 9 pairs of ribs and women, 7.




From here you could hear the horn of the ship coming. Understood, “hurry up, I do not have that to do



Next step, the most horrible, the Zoumaï hut (where the light does not pass)

Because they realized that the tree of oblivion, in spite of all the Voodoo science, did not work too much …



Of course, some shouted. One gagged them



And we tied them two by two to the yokes of beef



A statue symbolizes what happened



In the red circle on the left, the balance of justice that leans. A symbol for the Fulani, another for the Yorubas … and
a last for the Fons, which is to make fun of the world because the king of Dahomey took care not to send Fons, his
ethnicity … when history becomes politically correct …

You are not going to believe me but some would die … Fortunately the common grave welcomed them with open arms (10
meters deep and 6 meters apart)





One day a slave managed to break free. He is below.




The fresco symbolizes Africans turning their backs on Africa




But, and here we reach the height of cynicism, we made them go around the tree of return three times “if it happens to you
something, your spirit will return to your homeland »African version of Paradise … Look at the




Then we crossed the lake village



To reach the gate of oblivion



After walking this slaves route, I need to change air and I invite my guides to have a drink. They
want to make a selfie.



And I meet Manon and Armand



Who posted this in their bar





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