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It’s been 73 days since I left.

My trip is expected to last 732 days (2 × 365 + 1 day for the leap year + 1 day gained from East to West)


Balance sheet:


The lessers :

Security issues that pollute more and more the journey
Endemic and aggressive corruption in Liberia and Sierra Leone
Border crossings even more complicated than expected and obtaining visas.
The budget. Paradoxically, Africa is expensive and I am above my expectations.

Most :

The incredible human warmth of almost all the people we met
The diversity of cultures
Preparing the year 2018. Everything serves me.
The vehicle (thank you again Laurent!)
The advice of the family Le Leuch (GPS, camera, guide …)
Logistical support in France, including the blog (Freddy, Christophe, Magali, Danielle, Alain …) and various helpers (Monique, Guillaume …)
Your comments (Bernard in particular) who help me to maintain a link and encourage me to continue my stories (Vincent …) … and that force me to go to meet people when I’m a little lazy!
The generosity of the crossed populations. It’s really unbelievable !
Being alone Some moments of dullness is true but quickly offset by improbable encounters and moments out of time.


I do not ask myself if I continue!





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