Cape Coast-Kumasi, nearly 300 kilometers …

31 police checkpoints, gendarmerie, customs … Stopped 2 times only.

  • Hello sir, where are you from?
  • From France by car
  • Where are you going?
  • In Burkina Faso
  • I wish you a good road Monsieur


No control of the papers, no various requests …. The class!

2 things strike me.

First the country is very different from those crossed since the beginning. We feel an organization (school buses, uniformed schoolchildren, hospitals, cleanliness, public services, absence of corruption, driving far from anarchic on a clean road network and very correct signage …)

The second is the proliferation of churches of all kinds, preachers of all kinds …


I could have taken several tens …

The idea of ​​not believing is not part of the Ghanaian mentality.

If not what to say? I did not want to take pictures for the pleasure of filling this blog.

Frankly, apart from palm trees, banana plantations and other rubber trees, there is not much to tell.

Do not think I’m jaded but the landscapes are similar. Tropical rain forest. Everything grows. Sellers on the roads (bananas, avocados, pineapple …) Burning, carcasses of cars … Yes, I forgot!

The speed bumps (which we call “recumbent gendarmes”)

Here the imagination is in power. First there is a village every two or three kilometers.

And in each village, there are these things. Between 2 and 5 per village.

Except that … given their height they are real squadrons gendarmerie! And their imagination is fertile! Some real-life examples of the composition of “gendarmes couché” in Ghana:

  • Of the rope. Hard, tense on the ground and big as my fist. Guaranteed effect
  • Very classically, a pile of laterite
  • A concrete telephone pole surrounded by cement!
  • A plank covered with earth
  • A pit !! As dangerous but quite disconcerting
  • Nothing ! There is the sign that warns you. But there is no retarder. So, everyone rolls at the same time!
    Cement Which, by force, crumbles. We have the double effect kiss cool …



I go back to the North. The temperature went from 33 to 38 ° but less humid

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