Before leaving Abidjan, I did not resist the pleasure of interviewing Salif. A man’s cream!

He cleaned the car, did not want me to give him anything, helped me tidy the 4 × 4 …




If not the road, not much to say. I cross the South Comoé region. Road in good condition, pineapple plantations, oil palm. We are in full harvest.

And all vehicles are welcome



Yes if you want to be in the picture, no problem.
Usually, it’s the opposite, but …



Closer view




Rubber plantations




With their sap receptacle




Banana trees as far as the eye can see


I arrive at Noah’s customs office. The word of Danané customs made them laugh but they did not want to return the paper. I did not care, I kept the picture !! Na na nere!



On the other hand, they have impressive equipment. Scanner for vehicles …

They allow me to photograph their feats of arms



This one made me laugh!



That one less




In short, there is everything



Pros. Real ones. I explain to a female officer that there is a world between the Gbinta customs post and they, she answers me maliciously

  • The difference is that we are not far from Abidjan!



I leave this country with regret



Ghanaian customs

Large signs: No corruption, we do not have the right to accept anything. It’s a must to report if an official asks you something …

It seems to be true. In any case on that side, I was not bothered.

But another …

  • Where are you going ?
  • Ben in Ghana!
  • Or precisely ?
  • (The first name that comes to mind) Kumasi
  • Ben at the hotel
  • What hotel ?
  • I do not know anything about it! I swear I have never been to Kumasi in my life!
  • If you do not give a name of hotel you do not return to Ghana (Here, it reminds me something !!)
  • Well, I’m not coming back! Since my Ivorian visa is a single entry, you have to keep me
  • One should understand. Me if I go to France I will be obliged to say in which hotel I sleep.
  • It’s not true. In France you do what you want if you respect the laws.
  • (Annoyed anyway) Well you’ll go to the Golden Tulip.
  • There is Wi-fi?
  • Obviously it starts to annoy him! You will ask them
  • I hope there is hot water. Because without hot water …
  • (He hands me my passport) Good trip!


First impressions of Ghana

(For both the IMF and the World Bank, Ghana is richer per capita than Côte d’Ivoire) And it shows!

Road network (from what I’ve seen, let’s be modest) excellent condition
Cars in better condition than elsewhere. Some are even equipped with turn signals
Overall, correct for Africa
Circulation: I find Ghanaians more respectful of the rules of the road than elsewhere on the continent
Cleanliness: arguably the least dirty country in Africa for now

But religion is everywhere: Adventists, those of the last day, the seventh day, the last judgment, the Pentecostals, the Methodists, the Anglicans, the Catholics, the sects of all kinds ….


God is in all the sauces, even at the hairdresser!



The meal was epic. I want to go out for dinner, the receptionist offers me, insistently, to accompany me. He will tell me later that there are kidnappings and that it is better to be careful … The last date of two weeks.

We go, on foot, on the side of the road and I buy:




There is rice, cabbage salad, mayonnaise, a spicy sauce but not too much and two pieces of chicken. If I digest without hindrance, I will be really, tropicalized!

But I need bread. In an English speaking country, we look at you strangely. Here is what I found:




I was curious to see inside:



After having listened a lot, consulted on Internet …

  • abductions
  • False police blocks
  • Inter-ethnic violence
  • Car thefts in daylight
  • Corpses on the roads (!)


I came to the conclusion that it would be unreasonable to cross Nigeria.

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