When I think I was stupid at this point to apply for a visa for Burkina Faso, 2 days …

Confusing naiveté or too sure of oneself? Frankly I hesitate. But I give myself big slaps (morally do not exaggerate anyway)

As if I would respect my program to the letter!

So I sleep in Ghana, my visa being valid from the 25th …

Andouille, go!

Just about hotel, I took a video of the sink. It is not dirtier than elsewhere. Just to see …




This morning, I took a nerve and asked … scrambled eggs! Ten times overcooked but scrambled eggs anyway …


Besides, I did not eat them



I will go to the customs and be received by the second in command

  • I have a single entry visa to Ghana. I had planned, after Burkina, to go through Togo but the French Embassy advised against formally … How to come back by Ghana?
  • (He listens to me very carefully, asks relevant questions) We have an emergency visa procedure here at the border. Immediate. 150 US dollars
  • Wow, it’s expensive!
  • (Malicious) It’s a simple choice or risk dying without paying or paying and living!

What do you want to answer to this?

I question Burkinabe drivers. They are unanimous. Including Issa who was resting in the shadow of his truck.


The French army is not far, in Po, near the small forest. You do not risk anything to go to Ouaga. By Togo, it’s another story. A Burkinabe businessman met at the customs told me about the same thing.

Thank you Issa


Paga, border town. With his trucks that have just passed …



Others not yet …


I take this opportunity to sharpen my knife, which never leaves me, by Esaz. We engage the conversation, joined by Morre, Safi, Emoussa.

They confirm that corruption does not exist in Ghana.

And they add. For foreigners. They do not want to tell me more.



Mubarik wants him to take it alone!



Esaz gives me the gift of sharpening. I had to tell him to stop so much he wanted to do well! I think he shrunk the knife) Now he cuts (always the knife)




I’m offered Foro Foro, millet milk. Not bad…



Then I go on a picnic on an old burn with a tomato “Do you want one? So a gift “By force, I learned to accept. A tin of tuna and a boiled egg the night before all washed down with a glass of wine.




And I calmly watch the sunset. Waiting for Burkina …




It’s funny, this trip acts as a revelator: people I thought close do not give me any sign of life, others, more distant, correspond regularly …

As my dad said:


“It’s life, my boy! “


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