At 7 o’clock in the morning, one drums at my door insistently. “Sir, sir! ”

I think of a problem with the car parked outside.

” Breakfast is served ”


But the hotel is nice, clean with water. And hot! And clean sheets. And toilets that work. Luxury, what!

This is another sign of the country’s development: a mid-range hotel business. And quality.

The management of the route is complicated: it is no longer according to the points of interest but the dangerousness of the journey.

It is necessary to oscillate between the warnings of the Embassies of France of the countries concerned, Burkina Faso in this case “Recent attacks having made victims make the road transit towards Togo particularly dangerous.

The axis leading from Tenkodogo to the Togolese border, as well as the surroundings of Bittou are formally discouraged, by day and by night »

And the validity of my visas!

I admit to having a little trouble …


Direction the fall of Kintampo.

Pleasant surroundings:



And first falls


The opportunity to see flowers that I did not know …



Then the real falls …



But there is a good God for the travelers, the two Iscacs forbid me to go there … (yes, they both have the same name …)



After Kintampo, the road is still beautiful

With its “African” side




And his crunchy loads …




For me, the best thing is this cargo of bikes …




Reappearing termite mounds




The further I go to the North, the more it is Muslim




It feels, it shows. I did not want to take a photo but I never saw in Ghana so much dirt in the villages crossed. And let me pardon the charge of racism, I do not judge, I testify, end point.

And let those that come out and explain to me why it’s dirty here when it’s clean elsewhere …

I fled Tamalé and its traffic jams (nearly half a million inhabitants anyway …) where I planned to sleep. The awakening by the Muezzin, I gave. Thank you…



I cross the Black Volta which, joined by the White Volta, forms Lake Volta.



The habitat becomes more traditional. But with electricity



And the well …




Another sign of equipment, Inter buses cited in good condition …



The proof, they double me! Must say that the road is beautiful …



Then crossing the White Volta




If I point out that the panel of the White Volta is in better condition than that of the Black Volta, do not look for lice in my head …




And immediately after, toll!



Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. In Liberia, the toll is for the highway under construction.

In Ghana it’s for the road. Quite simply.

The 1st toll I avoided it on the pretext that I did not know that we paid to circulate, that I had no money … but later it was necessary to “spit” … A Cedi (0,16 € ) You will tell me to have a network in good condition …

The toll is also a crowd of vendors of all kinds. They even help the ticket machine. I was beckoned to give my 10 Cedis ticket to one of them. 9 Cédis and a receipt appeared in another hand … amazing!

I take the opportunity to buy three boiled eggs for 2 cedis (0.10 € egg) I know it’s expensive but from time to time it does not hurt to live in luxury!



On the roadside, charcoal sellers …

Well, burns are good for something …



  • Hello. What’s your name ?
  • Salomon


  • You are a Christian ?
  • (Side view)
  • You are Muslim ?
  • (Look down) yes my real name is Soliman but it’s the same as Solomon
  • Hey, it does not matter to be a Muslim
  • He smiles at me, glad that I take it this way. This suggests to me that the harmony between religions may not be perfect.

He is so happy with my reaction that he asks me to take a picture of the yams for sale as well as his honey (on the previous picture)



And the road continues, through the savannah



Under a sun that gives 39 ° to shade



Police checkpoints are increasing as the border with Burkina approaches. One every 2 kilometers. Stopped once. Same dialogue as yesterday:

  • Where are you from ?
  • Patati patata
  • Good road Monsieur
  • My pens are the head !!!

Tonight I had dinner with a box of “superior quality” liver pate bought from Casino.

I dare not imagine the taste of inferior quality !!


I will tell you: They would speak French and make good bread, I would not say “no” to live in Ghana …

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