500 €


Orgiastic breakfast !!

Already that night …



Then I wandered around Conakry on a Sunday. And I heard the bells, it changes the Muezzin.

I met Father Dominique and Catechist Jean Maurice


Father was busy but I interviewed Jean Maurice



I continued my way. Guinea is a democracy, not like dictatorships where the cult of the personality is erected in principle …



Here is an example of the action of multinationals in Africa. You take a child, you feed him with local products. It’s cheap and it gets used to creating antibodies, or


The beauty of Conakry is not what strikes first. Was it really 18 days?

I went on…


And have linked conversation with players


What was to happen … I was invited to play by Ali Sidibé and Kourouma. The policeman agreed to be photographed but I do not have to mention his name.


After being beaten 2-0, I watched them play


But Kourouma, the one on the left, was in bad shape


Confidence of a captain met by chance:

“I was trained by the French, by Colonel xxx. 14 years old security officer at Conakry airport. Able to recognize the scanner banned plant substances, metals according to their density. Audited annually by ADP (Aéroports de Paris) and every year congratulations. Then one day I was transferred to an urban police station. I have nothing to do. My boss wanted to put his godfather at the airport. He does not even know what a scanner is. It’s been 15 years that it lasts. That’s also Guinea, sir”



Back on the road

I find it good. But next, there is this and that you tell yourself that still …


On the sidewalk, I buy a bottle of water. I’m starting to chat with people around. So, I offer them to share a bottle of wine. What (from left to right) Salif, Djibril, Cheick and Moussa Keita accept:


Except the revolutionary who does not drink


I am kindly offered to smoke, which I politely decline “it spoils the head my brother” it makes them laugh that I speak like them!


However, I accept a local brand


And suddenly, always on the pavement, arrives Boubakar, a trainer of Niger in traditional medicine. Salif, who has a very bad shoulder, tells him to stay


He starts basting his shoulder with “what with Boubakar? With lion’s fat. “Are there lions in Niger? No, but there are some in Chad. He takes me for a saucer!

He takes a bag in his bag



Pours water


The bag immediately becomes very hot (I put my hand about 35 °) and he applies it on Salif’s shoulder


Another comes in consultation. Then a third.

An hour later, Salif tells us he does not hurt anymore. Self-persuasion? Traditional medicine? Scam?

I go back to the hotel to show them my “camel” (it’s not my fault, it’s everywhere!)



And Pierre-Louis Bamiléké Cameroonian offers me to wash the car. Free. I feel that it is sincere. I find him intelligent, lively, honest, brave. I wish him a great future. Of course I gave him, after advice, a little money …


I take the opportunity to ask some questions to which I agree to answer me provided that I do not film the face. When I tell you that we are in a democracy!


And here I am invited to share with them Lafidi.


Good rice is recognizable. On the left, the brown powder is crushed seeds of néré. On the right, boche is a mixture of peppers, aubergines and okra. What I forgot to tell you is that they poured half a liter of “red oil” chilli + palm oil to bind everything … (Alain mobile lighting)


You realize ? Invited to eat. By people who have nothing. But really nothing. I ate with appetite (measured anyway!)

I go back to the hotel and see the picture of a known face. Except that we stretched the image in height, which gives it a skinny look !! So here I’m laughing!



And I find Lami, adorable!


What a contrast. The hotel is owned by the Chinese.

Contrast between the luxury that is displayed and the humble poverty that is worthy. Autocratic power and infinite kindness.

In short, I am in Africa …

Contrast between official slogans and vox populi. I can not write everything I’ve heard …


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