Breakfast with bissap jam with the gentle breath of the Harmattan, this dry wind that comes from the Sahara. In company with Rabi, the boss

  • Say Rabi, yesterday I wanted a tea and the waitress told me that, since you were away, she could not make tea. What is this story ?
  • Ah ah, I forbade him to touch the gas. Because one time out of two, she forgets to turn it off. At the risk of setting fire …
  • (good pear) you gave him a chance?
  • I gave him 3 chances. The 3rd time she swore to me that she had turned off the gas. And I asked him why then he was on. Without disassembling herself, she replied, “It is God who has lit her, Madam.”Departure for Pita, just to have an Internet connection to reassure my relatives.


Well, does it also exist in Guinea?



Otherwise the landscape is worth a look


No connection to Pita. Let’s go to Diting. No connection either. I’m crazy for lunch. Two cassava donuts. 500 Franc Guineans each and every one! (I reassure the sensitive souls, 1000 Francs Guineans are worth ten cents of our euro …) Direction Dalaba


No connection to Dalaba, let’s go to Mamou.
I cross several villages similar to this one



No connection to Mamou?


Direction Kindia. The landscape changes
On the roadside, sale of charcoal


Especially by the beautiful Aisha, who sells it for € 0.20 a bag …


This explains this (in the foreground, the ravages of burns)


Arrived in Kindia, no connection but a panel of Orange that made me jump. It does not care about the head of the world!


At times, the landscape becomes sumptuous …


Shipments participate in folklore


You’ll excuse me, it’s taken through the windshield, which is as clean as the driver …
Look far away


Ah the trucks!
When you meet a truck, do not look at it. See what obstacles he has in front of him. Crevasse, goats, zebus, pedestrians, cars broken down. Because he will avoid them. Without considering you.
I assure you that I went to the left of the road because a truck, avoiding a crevasse was in front of me …


So I take the direction of Conakry which I reached the suburbs at nightfall


Except that between the suburbs and the city center, there is that


Fortunately some pictures make you smile


I spent more than an hour in traffic jams and I blame it. I’m doing a great folly !!!

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