Last night Abdou invited me to pitch my tent at his place. The first night of my life in a tent!

He lives in a quiet street …

When I wake up, Abdou asks me if I slept well. I admit that the muezzin’s periodic call has awakened me.

He looks at me, sincerely astonished: “Oh? “



After cleaning the air filter (all this is first for me!),

We leave for 185 kilometers of “corrugated iron”. For those who have never ridden on this kind of track, do you say it’s like a speed bump … every 15 centimeters … and this for 185 kilometers!


Then we stop to see (?) Rock paintings. They are 6000 years old, so you have to have good eyes!

It is Ahmed Gedou who guides me

He begins by showing me the sumptuous landscape

and Fort Saganne, where the film was shot


Then it is the deciphering of the famous paintings

The sun … at the top right of the photo. Yes I know but in real life it’s not easier!

A giraffe. Make me happy, tell me that you see her

Go, I pass you the others, I end with the easiest, a cow of the time

In Mauritania, any story ends in front of a tea!

Spied by an inquisitive look (every time I take a picture of an animal, I think of Jules Ferry College!)


It’s Friday, it’s 2:30 pm and it’s time for prayer. I like the way Abdu practices his faith: he is tolerant and strives to do good around him. I have many examples gleaned during our conversations.

I ask him permission to film part of the prayer. For the anecdote, I see him putting his hands in the dust.

  • Why ?
  • We must purify ourselves and for lack of water …
  • Water I have 90 liters
  • You’re crazy, it quails!


We take the road again and we see a parked truck. Abdou proposes to me to eat with Selkou and Abdallah …


I introduce to Abdou the Pepper Boursin, natural yogurts, madeleines …

We are 600 meters above sea level. Different landscape …

From time to time, as soon as there is a little vegetation ….


Arrival in Oudane and …

Arrival at the hostel

Room at 8 €

Warm shower and Mauritanian dinner. After the comforting soup, delicious ksour (pancakes with a sauce made from vegetables and camel meat)

And, finally, ketle (dates cooked with wheat flour and dried in the sun) Frankly I liked.

Abdou did not convince me to eat Mauritanian

On the other hand, he strongly suggested that I wear the traditional Mauritanian dress. Not to ape the locals. They see very well that I am not theirs. But out of respect, to show them that I want to immerse myself in their culture. The argument hit home.

So I put the deraa (the chasuble) and the Hawli (the cheche 3 meters long).

It is pronounced “ahouli”

It’s true that it changes his man, right?


And always, these glitzy sunsets …

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