7th holy city of Sunni Islam.

The visit of the library is necessary. Especially with Seïf!


A scholar, a good man, full of humor! Who presents me treasures


And who knows his classics!


Manuscripts decorated …


Geography books with a stripper humor


A book of poetry …


I asked him to explain a poetry. Here is what it gives:


In short, exciting!

Seïf ended the visit by saying “good, now I’m going to muezzin! “


About minaret, look at the five pegs on the tower. They are surmounted by an ostrich egg and their number refers to the 5 daily prayers.

After the effort, the comfort in front of a camel tajine.

So, after eating it cooked, I wanted to taste raw!

Zeirum is his name, adore when you scratch his neck.

Here we go !

He follows me as my shadow.

In a landscape …


Well, here’s what we see when we’re on it


Then back to Atar, this time by the road … well, not by the same road as on the way out.

Then arrive at the hotel. 14 € the night

Seeing the picture above, you say, “he’s lucky! “

I show you the bathroom anyway

I hope that the shower, on the left of the image, did not escape you …

So 14 € without soap, without towel, without flap toilet, without toilet paper … but with flies … stained sheets and a pillow that smelled so bad … I took mine! Your turn to judge

But hey, on arrival I had the right to traditional hospitality, goat’s milk …

Abdou and his wife Khalya invite me to dinner at his place. Adorable kindness. Abdou does not know what to do to please me.

I try to return it to him somehow.


Traditional ablution. Nicely, Abdou has exempted me from eating with my right hand and I have a spoon.

On the menu: pasta with dromedary (There are days like that!)


All washed down with mint tea prepared by women, who eat separately …


Me, I’m going to find my pillow !!

It makes me scream with laughter thinking that to go around the world, I took my pillow !!

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