Sunset on Cansado, near Nouadhibou


Early, I say goodbye to the friendly Mouadji, who did everything he could to find me a connection.

Thank you Mouadji, your kindness made me warm to the heart!


I leave the city without regret. Yet she could be pretty!


Determined to join Atar at the shortest, I seek the track … and I get stuck in the sand at the first village.

Not proud …

I program the GPS which brings me illico in front of the beginning of the track

When I saw that, I confess that I lost confidence.

Especially since I am alone. With several cars, why not?

I decided to join Nouakchott by road. Nearly 500 kilometers. and then go back to Atar.



When I tell you it’s desert, it’s desert!

From time to time the road is not paved anymore. And when you follow someone, it gives:



And when you come across …


The worst thing is with the trucks …


I have seen people overtaking in this cloud …

Otherwise the landscape offers, from time to time, some reliefs



And if you’re bored, we’ll keep you company …


  • Hello form please (he wants to talk about the photocopy of my passport)
  • I do not have any
  • Do not you have a form?
  • No
  • Okay, go ahead, good road.

Why do you think? Because without form, they are forced to copy themselves what is on your passport. And as the easy way does not have borders …

Otherwise, we see other living things on the road


The dog that keeps the flock is planted in the middle of the road and all this little world through in peace!


We also see other things …



And still…


I had lunch with a squad of flies in the shade of an acacia tree.

We ate very well, thank you. Especially flies.


About meals, I have to think about eating a hot meal one day.

When it comes to eating, do not try this:


It is the fruit of this tree, “Tourja” in Mauritanian


And here are its flowers:


” It’s the Devil’s tree. There are a lot of devils in it. You drink the milk, it spoils your head. It’s good for goats and camels. “

Here I am warned by (from left to right) Diarra, Abdallah, Sid Ahmed and Ahmed.


Well, about desert, is it as desert as that? Here and there, we can see tents:


Or constructions in “hard”


And always landscapes …


I wanted to go to Banc d’arguin National Park from the south.

After 56 kilometers of road, I arrived at the hamlet of Fishermen.


I put away my camera and left.
I do not see the point of photographing hovels surrounded by rubbish. These people are poor, they know it. I did not want to do the voyeur. The children surrounded me “do not you have a present? I still helped to inflate two tires of a car with my compressor. Poor gift …

On the road I met two nice French guys from Toulouse who were getting stuck in the sand. It reminded me of memories … The kinetic rope worked wonders. A kinetic cord stretches, almost like a rubber band and relaxes abruptly. It’s awesome !




It’s finally the arrival in Nouakchott. Highway please!


You noticed that each lamppost had its solar panel. The class! The problem is that locals are not used to the highway. They make a U-turn, drive against the direction, stop on the aisles ….

It’s not just them. I had to brake to avoid the following:


I leave and 50 meters further, I break suddenly :


The time to take a pic of the sunset


I tell myself that I am going to find a hotel on the road to Atar. And as I am really stubborn , I persevere … I found it 250 km further to Akjouit !! That’s 874 kilometers of desert in the day.

But the strongest moment happened to me 100 kilometers north of Nouakchott.


Okay the picture is not good. But we still see that they are not snails of Burgundy, right? Besides the time to get out the device, it had already passed 6. There it is the children. And then I would like to see you there, take a picture while standing on the brakes !!

Ride at night in Mauritania, never again!



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