Nouadhibou, here I am !

It is a peninsula crossed by two or three very busy main streets

On which the fraudulent imported Mercedes, donkeys …

And the scooters, including that of Sidi

Signs can surprise …

The one who holds this “dibiterie” is called El Bechir. He has Houdeivy on his left and Ahmed and Brahim on his right

Just as the spelling! How far is America?

He wanted to say “new”, it’s true that it has a family look … for the “bio” door windows, I leave it to everyone to imagine.

We smile …

But we do not forget that we are in an Islamic Republic:


Look, about insurance, I still took one to this company (after being arrested by the Gendarmerie).

I then knew, from right to left: Mohamed, Regional Controller of the Insurance Association of Mauritania, Dah, General Manager and Khil, Head of Agency. Before leaving, Dah urged me to read the Qur’an and convert quickly …


When we leave the two main streets, it’s different


Some even pitched their tent …

We feel everywhere poverty, even misery. At each traffic lights beggars, women and / or children come to you

I hesitate to take pictures …

As soon as we arrive in the suburbs, it’s worse

But the Chinese fish factory employs a lot of people. According to Ahmed, it allows them to subsist. But not to live with dignity.

I visited a craft center. Fich hammers the copper he warms to his left

Alina sculpts them

As for Vadel, he cuts the iron

And that gives beautiful things!

And it’s Fatimetou who sells

Yes, she is the first Muslim woman to accept to be photographed.

So, you have the right to an enlargement!

I liked this bougainvillea that colonizes a palm tree

I made two decisions:

I’m not going to Arguin’s bench.
I go to Atar by the track that leaves from Nouadhibou without going through Nouakchott …

As my grandmother did not say:

Inch Allah!


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