We go to the big market of Nouakchott before leaving. I do not take pictures, even Abdou is not reassured …

We leave each other, a little sad both. Thanks to him I discovered, from inside, the region of Atar.

Then I take the road alone. And here is the beginning of the sport!

The road is filled with, not potholes, the road is dotted with crevasses!


You imagine, at 80 per hour!

Sometimes there is no road!


From time to time it shrinks: it means that when a truck crosses you, you have to go on the roadside.

Whatever the side!


I arrive at Rosso, I sweat in big drops. It’s really a tricky road. Except 50 kilometers from Rosso where, by a miracle, it becomes perfectly maintained …

3 hours lost at the border. 32 ° in the shade. But there is no shadow. Tax for the customs, for the forwarder, for the commune, for the police, for the insurance …

But I have the pleasure to contemplate the Senegal River!


Arrival in Saint Louis early in the night. And here, I decided to give myself pleasure and I offer myself, absolute luxury, a hotel at 63 € per night!

But not just any hotel! The hotel de la Poste. Mythical ! Frequented by Mermoz, Saint-Exupéry … Saint-Louis was a stage for Aéropostale.

Look at the ceiling, a reproduction of a written Mermoz!

And on the walls, photos of the era of Aéropostale

And even unlikely letters, but then really improbable.

The entrance of the bar

As for the patio …


Sharked by a hot shower and abundant, I decided to extend the luxury!

And I have a restaurant facing the sea overlooking the Faidherbe bridge:


Admit that there is worse !!!

I start with a pressed orange:

And it’s not over: zebu steak with Roquefort cheese. With french fries please!

And it’s not over: zebu steak with Roquefort cheese. With french fries please!

And to complete it all, chocolate profiteroles …


I’ll sleep well !

P.S. the next morning: I slept well!

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