On a beautiful morning …

 took the road south, meeting a vehicle that went to the technical control

A panel quickly comforted me; I was closer to Dakar than to France. So I made it short!

Apart from the rough French (see “I like” section), I was very happy to see this panel

A monotonous road. Some abandoned villages

Even the windows of the mosque are broken, that’s saying!

A long road. Up to 29 ° and 32.5 in the car, open window while driving …

I like the turn of the sentence …

Less what it gives … Obligatory crossing lights

Several controls of the Royal Gendarmerie. Now they were kidding me straight away

  • Where are you from ?
  • From France
  • Your origins ?
  • Eh, France
  • But where are you born?
  • Eh in France
  • Show your passport

I did not understand until tea time. It’s true that I look different …


I laughed alone. The tea “crunches” a bit because of the sand that seeps into everything …

Of course, Big Ears are everywhere and dot the road.

Then 100 kilometers from Nouadhibou, the reg (stone desert) gradually gives way to sand

Suddenly, the war of Western Sahara between Morocco and the Polisario recalls to our good memory. The problem is that neither side remembers exactly where he put them …

Then it’s the border. We change our world. There is, in my opinion, at least twice as much difference between Morocco and Mauritania than between France and Morocco.

The following photo shows the track between the Moroccan border and the Mauritanian border post. It seems that the UN does not want Morocco to make a route (they proposed) because that would amount to recognizing de facto their annexation of Western Sahara. As the Mauritanians are broke …

I even had to go 4-wheel drive in some places!


The following video was seen by the Mauritanian gendarmes. They did not find anything to say again. I must say that I spoke loudly to the policeman who was watching to cover the sound of my comments …

I met Himeida

He sees that I have a key holder of the Africa Race (thank you Jean-Claude) and tells me

  • We will tell them that you are part of the Africa Race
  • But it’s not true
  • Take care, I’ve been doing this job for 22 years


And here it is overtaking everyone, German tourists, Italian, Spanish, Moroccan …

  • Africa Race, please forgive.

In 30 minutes everything is settled, stamped, signed, countersigned, obliterated, stamped, recorded, recorded (it is not for the pleasure of doing prose, it corresponds to the number of different offices that we did him and me !)

Last check of the police

  • Passport (he does not look)
  • You do not have a flashlight?
  • No, but I have pens (Thanks Bernard!)
  • Give me pens for my two no three kids
    I give him a box of 12 (Again thank you Bernard)
  • I want three boxes, I have three children!
  • 12 pens for 3 kids, do not push you to share them!
  • Okay, good road my friend!

It’s funny!

Himeida rewarded, (“Yes, it’s okay, no, you will not get more than € 20. And it’s very well paid, yes, you saved me an hour and a half. give me my passport and my registration Yes I put your phone on my blog Promise You want me to swear on the prophet If there is only that to make you happy 00 222 47 40 33 23 ”

Here are the first images I see of Mauritania:


And opposite, trucks waiting for miles …

I have the impression of changing of planet.
I spoiled my budget because I found a decent hotel with (a bit) Wi-Fi.

– There is nobody at the reception?

It’s normal, he left to pray


I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant (the back of the 4 × 4). At the end of my second bite of duck terrine, I had 10 people around me. I met, from left to right: Sidi, Houdivy, El Bechir and Ahmed

Then the hour of prayer arrived and all this little world greeted me and went home …


I think I’m going to get into my bed …

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