First visit Ouadane with Barakallah.

On the run !

Ouadane was founded in 1141 by 3 Mauritanians returning from Mecca. Arrived in the region, they deposited 3 books. One to Atar, I second to Chinguetti and the last to Ouadane.

They came back a year later. At Atar, the book had been washed away. At Chinguetti, it had been covered by sand dunes and that of Ouadane was eaten by termites.

The following ? I tell it while I did not know that Abdou was filming me!


Ouadane has counted up to 8000 inhabitants.


It is in magnificent state of conservation, 9 centuries later. Marmots live in the ruins


Look at the fortified well …


And especially the old mosque


The Saharouis came in 1966. They destroyed a lot, including the hotel (near the pylon), held by French …

I’m afraid of getting tired of showing you too many pictures. For amateurs, I have others!

We must still know that it has pleased Ouadane in 2018. The last time it happened, it was in … 1993!

In short, we take the track for 80 kilometers of driving in the dunes. Pure happiness.

And an extreme concentration.


Otherwise, it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to take your breath away

In the middle of the course, stop in the oasis of Tenorchert. We are, of course, invited to have tea by Sidi Mohamed (74 years old) and Koriya. Look carefully at Koriya how she makes the tea cool.

The more foam, the more tea is drinkable.

Otherwise, I found a drone in my luggage from the Mauritanian border …

Seen at the top, here is the oasis:


You know what ?

I am happy !

But leached … or the opposite!

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