What a night !


René Metge


tour du monde en 80 pays en 4×4 Afrique Maroc un-tour-du-monde-en-80-jours-maroc-j8-1

  • Winner of the Renault 12 Gordini French Cup
  • 3 times winner of Paris Dakar
  • Winner of the French Championship in super tourism
  • Winner of the Porsche 944 turbo trophy
  • Organizer of many rallies, including the last Africa Eco Race. Who is stopping tonight at …

Dakhla !!

A bivouac race is something!

Competitors arrive one after the other at the official timekeeping

Some in better condition than others …

We store the vehicles …


Motorcycles also …


But also the trucks:


Standby security

The assistance trucks are already at work:


Others prefer comfort before exercise …

Some sleep on the spot …

A glance at the rankings …

And the mechanics get down to work


René Metge rests

The other helicopters arrive

Even the airliner is there

Sacred organization for 450 people at this bivouac!

The night finally falls chasing the trials of the day and bringing restful sleep …


I feel humble before these knights of modern times who perform extraordinary feats.

You should know that most staff members are volunteers.

Congrats ladies and gentlemen!!


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