Morroco, the following



Ali, who was receiving me at home, is fine, empathetic. This morning he invited me to have a Moroccan breakfast outside!


You see the five cups? Butter, orange jam, olive oil (center) honey and … amlou! For those who do not know, they are crushed almonds linked with Argan oil. A massacre !
Thank you Ali for this moment of human warmth … and amlou!
Well, I did my Couchsurfing experience. That’s good, I’m happy. The district of Rabat (Hay Riad) is really chic. I tried, I fell more on a pure heart (long life to you and your projects Ali!)
But I will not do it again …
I did not have the courage to take a shower in cold water …
Direction Casablanca.
Younes and Mohamed (the little boy shook my hand!)

Took me to see … a marvel!


The Hassan II mosque. Incredibly beautiful ! An American, beside me, amazed, murmured “I have no words …”

And what about inside?


Come on, some numbers:
15 million (I mean “millions”) hours of work. 300,000 cubic meters of cement, 65,000 cubic meters of marble …
3rd largest mosque in the world (3 times Notre Dame de Paris) A minaret that rises to 200 meters high and all facing the sea!
Thank you Bouygues!

Thanks also to Mohamed who kept me the car!



To recover from my emotions, I went to refuel at Abdou who encouraged me to continue the movement of yellow vests ??

You understand here they were scared when they saw what was happening in France. So, a few days ago they lowered the price of fuels throughout the kingdom


Well, to celebrate the event, I went for a feast at the exit of Casa. It’s a market:

It was Ahmed who served me: A half-baked bread of Harissa (me “chouïa-chouïa”), stuffed with 4 mini turkey skewer, and stuffed with onions and diced tomato.

To quench my thirst, I had the right to choose a fruit juice they squeeze in front of you between persimmon, banana or avocado. I admit having loosely declined …

For this treat (because it was really good) I paid … 0.63 €! As a loved one often says to me, “Nothing is too good for the working class” !!

(I have to buy bottles of water, I have exhausted my stock all afternoon!

Then it was El Jadida, the city of the thoroughbred Arab.

Old Portuguese city. With its walls.

With its old Portuguese city (or at least what is left, that is to say, not much …)


On the other hand, the Portuguese tank is definitely worth the detour: built in 1541, it could hold almost 3 million cubic meters of water. Pavement joints are made of lead to waterproof the floor. Water dripped through the porous bricks of the roof (and suddenly became drinkable) Great, right?

Moroccans are smart, they leave a little water on the ground so that the light, which changes according to the time ‘reflects, which gives incredible colors!


Otherwise I went for a walk to the souk:

Just to make sure that neither Man nor animal would starve!

I had wandered a little late so I drove at night for 10 kilometers on a national road. Here is what I saw (at the last moment) without any lighting:

  • Countless pedestrians walking on the road or crossing it abruptly in front of my car
  • 27 two wheels
  • 1 scooter loaded in block
  • 2 carriages pulled by donkeys.
  • 3 cars, one in the same direction as me …Needless to say, I was happy to arrive safely!

P.S. The people whose photographs appear in these stories have all given me their permission. With smile. I have only had two refusals for the moment. On the other hand, I never asked women to photograph them.


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