1h30 to leave Freetown …

Arrested twice by the police.

1st time :

Where are you from ?
Of France
By car ?
You want to see my papers?
(hilarious) If you are here it is that you have been controlled so many times that I am sure you are in good standing! Have a nice trip.

2nd time:

a policewoman. Peevish.

I saw you with a cigarette in your mouth. In Sierra Leone, it is strictly forbidden to drive with a cigarette in your mouth even if it is not lit. (This is not true, smoking is prohibited while driving)
You will have to pay a fine of 500,000 Leone.
I do not have money and I will not pay. I am not a cash cow. We’ll see your boss
(She bursts out laughing) and climbs into the 4 × 4. Ok here we go!

I understand from her carnivorous laugh that her boss is even more greedy than she is. Bad pick, little dad!

After two kilometers, I stop on the edge of the road.

Give me money
I can give you pens
I want money.
I still have some pens
I do not want pens, I want money
I’ll give you the details. 30 minutes of aggressive palaver. This ended with two rolls of toilet paper and a bar of soap so that she agreed to get out of the vehicle.

A little tired of being ransomed.

With a smile, at a pinch. But with malice (because that was what it was) not agree!


Well, the road is pretty, the landscape too



Signs decorate the landscape of the 12th poorest country on the planet



Always burns



God maybe, the truck, less …


Arrived at Bo and witnessed the imbecility of people. Orange and Africacell are competitors. Instead of sharing the market for the good of the people …



I find a room at Madam Woki’s



They are in the same condition as the cars in the car park



I prefer to go make a makeover at the hairdresser’s neighborhood







I meet ladies’ players, (from left to right) David, Timbo, Coopel and Kefela



Spectators, Bernard, Ibrhim and Mattia



And in the middle of all this beautiful world, Bockarie and Elli who are quietly preparing marijuana!



Less than 12 euro cents the seal and 11,50 € per kilo. The opium of the people, literally …

I have all the trouble in the world to refuse a “cigarette”



In Sierra Leone, as in Guinea, Mauritania and even Senegal, the white lines have only a strict decorative value. The signs “stop” idem. Once we know it, we do it.


Good news, we will have power at 19 hours;


A nothing is enough to make me happy !!


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