After a rock ‘n roll night, I take the road to Freetown.

One sign reminds us that Kimbia, (location of the diamond deposit) is on the other side, in Sierra Leone!



Guinean Border Police. Captain of Police. Serious.

  • Documents please
  • Here is the customs pass, the West African Community (CDAO) insurance, the registration card, my international driving license, the vaccination booklet and my passport with the Guinean visa stamped with the ‘Entrance.
  • You French always have all the documents. Yet you are missing one.
  • ?
  • The death certificate!

Huge laughter from the entire office, including me!


Guinean Customs Office. Customs Captain.

  • What do you have to declare ?
  • Captain, I have a lot of things to do around the world
  • (He barks) Warrant Officer, go check what the white says


The adjutant comes back and details what I showed him

  • My captain, he has a bed, a fridge … And so on
  • Captain: Yet you miss one thing for your trip
  • ?
  • A woman

Laughing thunder of the assembly, your servant understood!


That’s why, i love Africa, people who do not take themselves seriously, with the joy of living in them.

Border-Freetown road, the quality of a beautiful European highway. What a pleasure.


65 kilometers from the capital, highway toll, class!


You tell yourself, progress is beautiful ! And I see the highway



The stretch is on the left, under construction !! Excellent. Pinch money to people who will probably never use it. Frankly, you had to think about it !! 40 kilometers away



Yet again. I tell myself that there the highway is not far!

It was only at the 3rd toll that I understood. It really does not exist!



I arrive in the suburbs …




And arrived downtown, I enter, inadvertently, in a market reserved for pedestrians! The traders move their stall to let me pass. I hear nervous movements on my car body … I do not lead off even if I smile at everyone (who does not always smile back!)




I feel the urge to rest here a few days.

I found on the heights of Freetown a hotel in my prices, “the hotel of joy”. In French !



First impressions of Sierra Leone

  • Road network in excellent condition (for the main taken roads)
  • Driving rather less erratic than other somewhere else
  • Dirt, especially litter elsewhere
  • Poverty, I have a hard time saying but certainly not as bad as in Guinea


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