Party of Bo in Sierra Leone for Liberia. Very beautiful road. Redone.

We cross rivers …




Then, road being redone!



With quality stonework. Even if, from time to time …


We cross rivers …



As the new bridge is not yet in service, we take the ferry



“And he leaves when the ferry? “

“When 5 cars are waiting”




It’s crossing the Moa River




Towards the border, the road has not been redone yet!



But the vegetation is worth a look



1 kilometer from the border, police control:

  • “What memory will you keep from me? “
  • ????
  • “And what memory will I keep of you? “
  • Here we are ! I’m going to take a picture of you, Sergeant Ellie



  • And what memory will I keep of you?
  • A pen, how are you?
  • Have a nice trip my friend !


  • Sierra Leone Side Border: Health Service


  • Your vaccination record is not up to date.
  • So here I’m laughing. Look at the list of all my vaccines. It is marked “done” it means “done”
  • You lie your notebook is not up to date, I can not let you out of Sierra Leone. Besides, you are not vaccinated against meningitis.
  • Whatever. I want to see your boss. Hello chef. The health officer tells me I’m out of date, that’s wrong.
  • It is the health officer who is competent. If he does not want to let you out, that’s his right.
  • I want to see the head of the customs office.
  • Yes I understand your story, but if the health officer keeps you here, it’s for your good. I can not do anything.


And I finally understand that they are all in cahoots. It’s organized racket!

  • (The health officer) Listen, I’ll help you because you’re nice.

He takes my international vaccination book and says he vaccinated me against cholera !!!

I accuse the Sierra Leone Customs Officer of Health of having committed, on February 1, 2019, a forgery on an official document.

  • That’s it, it’s done, you owe me 40 dollars


(The cholera vaccine shot made me cholera) Nothing, I will not pay you anything! I still have 20,000 Leone (€ 2.30). I give it to you, period.

There ensued 53 minutes of silence. He locked up my vaccination book, pretended to be sleeping, touched my watch, and I do not want to move from his desk. I know he will crack the 1st. He is young, nervous … I count the vowels of my telephone directory, then the consonants …

Finally he takes my 20,000 Leone.

I finally leave the station and take the car.

Last barrier to cross

How much do you give me to open the barrier
Nothing at all, the police took me everything!
He laughs and lets me go

Liberia border: Police
Passport … Where is Sierra Leone’s exit stamp?
On the other passport
(stunned) Do you have two passports?
Here they are

Immediate confiscation of my two passports. They look at me like a criminal.

And they will see the leader.

(Chief) Yes I understand that you have two passports. He gives them back to me. Me to give you your entry visa, I want the exit visa is also on this passport!
It’s silly, it has nothing to do! I can not talk, nothing works. (I tell myself that there are days like this!)

Sierra Leone side border: Barrier
It’s 5 dollars to open the barrier again
(I’m careful not to become aggressive) No sorry!

Sierra Leone side border: Police
“Earlier I did my job dabbing your passport. Without asking anything. There you ask me for extra work. It will be 40 dollars »
Palaver. Cost 5 pens. A stamp at the top right and the same at the bottom left.


I pass the barrier

I only open the barrier for you my friend! It’s 10 dollars
(I want to crush him) Ask the police:
He laughs and lets me go
Liberia Border: Police

It’s good. You have the right stamp. But the Liberian Embassy in Paris made a mistake, it did not mark “tourist visa” on your passport. So you have to pay a correction that will cost you $ 100.
I will not pay anything at all !!
Then follow 30 minutes of palaver. 5 pens. Do not seem to be in a hurry. No aggression. As cool as they are.

Liberia Border: Insurance

You do not have special Liberia supplementary insurance. $ 10.
(It’s been 4 hours that I suffered this by 35 ° in the shade) I’m sorry I have no money
It’s very bad to travel without money
5 pens. Ah, Bernard !!

Correct road to Monrovia.

Inevitable capital entrance stoppers (1hour30 for 8 kilometers)

I’m caught by a motorcycle enthusiast, a policeman.

You circulated against sense I saw you. $ 200 fine.
I do not have cash.
He confiscates my driver’s license and passport and gets into the car. Go get some cash.
I withdraw 250 dollars. How much did you withdraw?
I show them (must be stupid, I’m covered with dust, swimming, tired …)
He takes me the $ 50 bill
I want to take it back
He yells. You threaten a police officer. He is hysterical. He screams like a madman. It’s $ 200 more. If you go on, you sleep in prison tonight!
I let go and accuses him of corruption. Which does not help things. He wants my $ 200 that I have secured.
Let’s go to the police station and then it’s the prison
After an hour he gets off the car and leaves with my 50 bucks.


Enough is enough !


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