After an Anglo-tropical breakfast,



Direction No. 2 Beach River, a few dozen kilometers from Aberdeen, the suburb of Freetown where I made my home.



Once on the beach, it’s something else …




In short, it gives that, and it’s beautiful!



I’m going downtown to get cash.

“The requested amount has too many tickets, please re-apply”

Stuck in traffic jams, I take a quieter street … And for good reason, it is in one direction!

I have three policemen around me including the one who caught me on a moped! They do not laugh at all!

  • (Severus) You have committed an offense
  • I am really sorry
  • You will have to pay a fine
  • I am really sorry.
  • I will ask you to follow me to the police station where a report will be drawn up
  • I am really sorry

There follow 10 intense minutes of monologue of your servant who tells his journey in bad English so that in the end Mohamed Lamin agrees to be photographed.



Mohamed, give me a smile please, my friends will think you’re fine!



I finish the evening at Faïçal, a Lebanese who spent 17 years in Aix en Provence as a programmer and has opened a restaurant for 20 years here.

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