• Population : 76953 million

  • Area : 467.6 km²

  • Capital : Andorre-la-Vieille

  • Official language : Catalan

  • Currency : Euro

  • Continent : Europe

Introduction :

It looks like a joke: this principality, was created under Charlemagne in 780 to reward the inhabitants for having fought the Moors. Moreover the national anthem begins with “The great Charlemagne, my father, from the Arabs delivered me” It should say that to those who denigrate the Marseillaise …

For the record, Andorra was, officially, at war with Germany from 1914 to … 1958. We had forgotten to invite him to the Treaty of Versailles! Apart from that, Andorra still lives in peace since … 11 centuries!

Always for the record, in 1934 a Russian crook made a coup d’etat and was proclaimed king of Andorra under the name of Boris I. He held 8 days before being thanked manu militari by the Guardia Civil !!

This state is co-chaired by the bishop of Urgel (Spain) and … Emmanuel Macron (!) Originally on the French side, it was the Comte de Foix who co-chaired. Then it was the Count of Bearn, who became Henry IV. You know the French state, when it holds something, they do not let go. So today it’s EM. Well done, no?

The territory is less than 500 km2, less than 90 000 inhabitants and is divided into 7 parishes. Railways: 0 kilometers, waterways: 0 kilometers. Ski lifts: 12 kilometers. It also hosts many foreign workers.

When you work in Andorra and find yourself unemployed, you have one month to find work. Afterwards, it’s expulsion. As an Andorran policeman told me, smiling, I asked them if they too had undocumented migrants: “If they have no papers, they do not enter the territory! ”

The principality welcomes 10 million tourists a year. It is also rumored that some Andorran traders round off their ends of the month by warning French customs officials of your illegal purchases (think, we are entitled to only 1.5 carton of cigarettes per person with tolerance to two)

My advice: pay your purchases in cash or split them in several shops!

Personally, I go to Hyperpass. When I asked the boss if the denunciation existed in Andorra, he retorted, grumpy “The others do what they want. Here my customers have no reason not to come back “A word of mouth …