United Kingdom

  • Population : 66 million

  • Area : 242821 km²

  • Capital : London

  • Official language : English

  • Currency : British Pound

  • Continent : Europe

Introduction :

If you had the chance to go to Morocco by plane (and on a clear day) and you were seated on the right side (that’s a lot of “if”!), You saw the Strait of Gibraltar. It’s beautiful … and mythical.

If you went there by car, it’s also spectacular: you see two continents at the same time.

It is, of course, a British possession. Since 1704. One year before the death of Louis XIV.

In short Gibraltar is the complete change of scenery: you find yourself in Britain. With its telephone booths, its currency, its food … If they call it food!

30,000 inhabitants. When asked to vote if they wanted to stay English, they answered “yes” to 99.64%! Even better than dictators …