Liaison day.

Detour by the Alhambra from Granada then arrival at Linea de la Concepcion (right next to Gibraltar)

I struggled an hour to find a hotel, not wanting to go to the 4 stars that held out my arms.
Weary of war, I asked the price: 50 € including breakfast!

So, I stay two nights!

Dinner at the seaside at the back of the 4×4 with this view of the rock of Gibraltar:


In the middle of dinner a voice “I come to get a drink” It was Jeanine, a French passionaria, with ideas on everything, who taught me about the anti-militarism, feminism, the deceits of the pharmaceutical laboratories, the elections rigged, the Freemasons who lead the world …

Interesting and above all unexpected.

After a good night, I discovered the port of La Linea:

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