Gibraltar is first and foremost a fortress:

And then it’s above all, really English:

Gibraltar is a Rock

I took the cable car with a breathtaking view of the bay of Algerisar and Morocco!

And on the airstrip that is dined in two by the only access road to the rock.

It seems that when an airplane lands or takes off, the road is closed. I wish to believe !

Otherwise, on the rock, there are monkeys. All over !


They are not afraid of Humans but they are not tamed, far from it!

I also saw a new breed of macaques!

On the rock, we can also see a reconstruction of the great siege (1778-1783)

With the dead and the dying

An iron discipline was imposed. A sentinel did not answer: “everything is going well” at a fixed time? 200 lashes.

Tunnels had been created for hospitals.

But the most impressive are the tunnels of the Second World War:

Tunnels of 2.48mx2, 48m drilled in record time (35 meters in one week, best performance)

I came back on foot, just to lose some belly…

The funny thing is that this gateway overlooks a dead end. So you have to take back to come back …



You understand that after such a journey, I found comfort with a ham “pata negra”

In summary, Gibraltar is really worth seeing!

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