Lena left me, exhausted after yesterday’s trip.

I inquire to go to the park of Niokolo Koba. “It’s not the right season, the tracks are closed for maintenance, you will not see much …”

So I left Tambacounda (Tam Ba Coun Da!)


Direction Kedougou, near the Guinean border. Burns are everywhere


What causes a slaughter in the rollers of Abyssinia


To sell charcoal or wood


The road is perfect. Unusual transports remind me that we are in Africa …


Road signs as well…


The vegetation becomes denser


With, from time to time, a water point

Otherwise, the earth gives way to laterite


A lot of laterite …


Because 85 kilometers from Kédougou, the road is not finished!

So when we meet a truck


That gives that


But when another has just come before, it complicates things


So I meet the truck


And then I see that


You did not see anything? Neither did I. Cautious people drive in low beam. One in four cars and one truck in 20 (I assure you, I counted!)

And the Malian trucks are overtaking !

And this for 27 kilometers. 33 degrees outside, 39 in the closed cockpit. 90 minutes … acrobatic!


Arrival in Kedougou, on the Gambia River



Of course, the car carries some stigma…


Otherwise I realized that the Senegalese are doing well in the game of international aid. These panels are popping up everywhere. From China, France, Russia, the European Community, Bangladesh …


Tomorrow, Fouta Djalon, mountainous massif of Guinea

The last word to the Guinean guide met in Kedougou

“With a good 4 × 4, it should be okay”


Inch Allah! (as my grandmother did not say)


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