While Cher erases the traces of the desert,

I entrust to Smaïl the care to repair my nonsense. I indeed dropped the camera in the sand and, curiously, it does not work anymore …

Thank you Smaïl!

I resist Touba coffee (coffee + cloves + chili pepper)


And I go to the Astou cyber café to transmit a week of Mauritanian stories.

And the employees, at 3 pm, come to see me and tell me

  • You’re not eating?
  • I’m not hungry
  • We have to eat. Come on we invite you.

And they unpack a Thiéboudiène with bream (spicy rice with fish, Senegalese national dish).

It’s the best Thiéboudiène I’ve ever had: It came from the heart!


At 5 pm the mint tea …

Otherwise in front of the computer all day to write and transmit.

It reminds me of those I love

And it’s great!


P.S: I drove 1 kilometer today, a record !!

I escaped the coffee, the time of a long download to see the canoes.



For a moment, a monument reminds us that Senegalese riflemen are not legendary!


Some fishermen fish pelican!

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